Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Big Refit

Of course, when you make the decision to undertake a project of this scale, the opportunity to fix other things you don't like cannot be ignored.

The 24-year-old teak decks were showing signs that water was getting through to some parts of the Plywood base. We knew when we bought Blue Heron that we would have to deal with this issue.

The Teak was removed by Sawing across the planks then chiseling it off in small chunks.

The winches were too far outboard.

I was never comfortable relying on a bit of canvas to prevent water getting below through the hole in the cockpit required for the tiller to attach to the rudder stock.

The dodger needed improving.
The teak was replaced with another layer of ply over the existing two layers which were then glassed over. Really strong.

The existing dodger windscreen that originally had a canvas top was fitted with a solid top.

Almost finished.